June 3, 2023


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What to Look for in a Shared Hosting Package?

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For a majority of new website owners, Shared Hosting is the default choice of web hosting service for their websites. One of the oldest hosting solutions available today, a Shared Hosting plan includes everything that a new site owner needs to publish their website. 

Within these hosting plans, Linux Hosting with cPanel is a popular combination. It combines the power of Linux with the simplicity of use. But with the wide variety of hosting plans available, it would be difficult for some site owners to make the right choice for their websites, even if they choose the best Linux web hosting in India.

Here’s a list of the things that you should look for in a Shared Hosting package for maximum efficiency and performance.

1. Operating System

For some websites, the operating system may not matter. But for others, it may mean a difference between a sluggish or snappy performance. Web servers use one of the two major operating systems: Linux or Windows. Windows is useful for those websites which use Microsoft’s proprietary software and services. Linux, on the other hand, supports a wide array of free, open-source applications.

2. Storage Space

This is a highly subjective requirement. For most small websites, 3-4 GB of storage is more than enough. However, if a website hosts numerous images and videos, it may need more storage. Even if you use the best Linux Hosting, the performance will falter when you run out of storage space. Of course, you can always upgrade your plan. But it is best to start out with ample storage space.

3. Bandwidth: Unlimited vs Unmetered

Bandwidth is a crucial component of your hosting package. It is like the highway that brings traffic onto your website. If your site runs out of bandwidth, it will become inaccessible to users. Many hosting providers offer “unlimited” bandwidth. But it is still a fixed amount and may eventually run out. Instead, choose unmetered bandwidth. It won’t run out because there are no fixed quotas.

4. User-friendly admin panel

A powerful yet user-friendly user panel is crucial for efficient website management. It can simplify many crucial web hosting tasks like file and user management, app installations and software updates. cPanel is one such admin panel that makes site management really simple.

5. Robust security

There’s one cardinal rule of web hosting, never compromise on security. Most Shared Hosting packages come bundled with some sort of security measures. However, you can boost your website’s security with additional security features. Think of it as an investment in peace of mind.

6. Support for multiple websites

Most site owners handle only one website at a time. But some may need to have more than one site online at the same time. Check the number of websites you are allowed to host before signing up with a hosting provider. It will matter when you may need to host additional websites.

7. Maximum uptime

If there’s one thing that Internet users don’t like is an unreliable website. A site that goes down often and unexpectedly will soon lose its users. Check the uptime guarantee a hosting provider offers; the more the better.

Watch out for these points while selecting your Shared Hosting package for a seamless performance.