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Fashion Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1957 Dual Ghia

Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1957 Dual Ghia

Ed Blumenthal is the proud proprietor of this immaculate ’57 Twin Ghia. The car was a ‘barn find’ again in 1995 and soon soon after undertook a ten-year restoration. The vehicle has been a regular at Concours d’Elegances around the


Colorado charter schools seek more control over special education

Colorado charter educational facilities serve far fewer students with disabilities than district-operate educational institutions do. The gap usually means all those students really don’t have entry to the exact same instructional prospects as their friends, and faculty districts finish up


Using Automation to Increase Web Traffic

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is getting their business in front of potential customers. Marketing attracts leads, leads become customers, and customers provide profit. Unfortunately, outreach, networking, and search engine optimization all play a role in marketing —

Design What makes Reuters Breakingviews successful

What makes Reuters Breakingviews successful

Rob Cox, the outgoing editor of Reuters Breakingviews, writes about its success.

Cox writes, “But the main reason Breakingviews is still a respected brand among the global financial community are its value propositions, which our founding Chairman Hugo Dixon

Biz Ukrainian Landscape, Volodymyr Orlovsky

Saving Art and Artists – Perspectives No. 458

Preserving Artwork and Artists

Perspectives No. 458

Ukrainian Landscape, Volodymyr Orlovsky
Ukrainian Landscape            Volodymyr Orlovsky

   The Smithsonian Institution Cultural Rescue Initiative (begun in reaction to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti), is doing work in conjunction with the Cultural Heritage Checking Lab at the


Biz Bits: Nebraska farmland prices continue to grow | Business

Actual estate selling prices have been soaring around the earlier couple of several years, and farmland is no exception.

The 2022 Farm Authentic Estate Survey from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln observed that costs surged an common of


Fashion trends on the red carpet at the Oscars 2022

Even though this year’s awards ceremony has been marked by controversies over the exclusion of quite a few awards categories from the stay telecast, the crimson-carpet portion of the night went blessedly, blissfully uncurtailed. The juxtaposition of basic tuxedos and

Fashion best tinted moisturizers

The 5 Best Tinted Moisturizers for Flawless Skin

best tinted moisturizers

Finding the best tinted moisturizer is not as easy as it might sound. With so many different options available — from familiar BB cream and CC cream formulas to the latest skin tint — narrowing down to what works for

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