May 30, 2024


General Evolution

Wasting no time

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Waistcoats have a long history that dates back to the early 1600s; since then, waistcoats have been faced with centuries of evolution to the waistcoats many men now use to adorn their formal attire. Wearing a waistcoat adds an extra element of sophistication, whether wearing it with a full three-piece suit or with dress pants and a shirt. However, due to the varying styles of waistcoats, many men struggle to make a cohesive outfit with this item, which has been considered outdated. Furthermore, waistcoats are commonly worn with a Men’s Tuxedo. As previously mentioned, many males struggle to style it; therefore, using a review platform such as reviewsbird can create a community where males can seek guidance on how to style said formal clothing item. 

No sugar coating 

When looking at formal attire, waistcoats are considered old-fashioned and outdated. Still, many males are seeing the beauty thereof, resulting in a rise in the popularity of waistcoats. The waistcoats known to society now are either single-breasted waistcoats or double-breasted waistcoats. There are visible differences between the two; a single-breasted waistcoat usually consists of between three and six buttons in a single row, whereas a double-breasted waistcoat consists of four to eight buttons, placing two next to each other, generally with lapels added to it. However, you can dress it down with a single-breasted waistcoat and make it less formal. In contrast, the double-breasted waistcoat is much more traditional and cannot be dressed down as quickly as the lapels make it more formal than the single-breasted waistcoat. 

Tailormade just for you 

The design of waistcoats screams class and sophistication and is similar to that of corsets for females. It is explicitly designed to create a clean and accentuated look for males, enhancing the male torso. Although many males are found dressing waistcoats down by wearing them with a pair of jeans, dress pants, or formal shorts, this is not the correct dress attire where waistcoats are concerned. Additionally, while the dressing down of waistcoats is considered acceptable when it comes to single-breasted waistcoats, it is not as good as double-breasted waistcoats as this type was specifically designed to be the final component of a formal tuxedo, creating what is commonly known as a three-piece suit. Furthermore, there are two options when it comes to waistcoats, they can either be bought, or you can have one specifically suited to your body and have it fit perfectly; the choice lies with you. 

Waist not, want not

It is no secret that waistcoats aren’t widely popular and are not worn by most of the male population; it is a matter of personal taste. Although double-breasted waistcoats are considered the more formal waistcoat, single-breasted waistcoats are seen as being more versatile and are often the ones that are seen being worn more, be it business attire or a wedding outfit; it is visibly the more popular waistcoat. Furthermore, if you are in the market for a waistcoat, it would be best to do your research beforehand to see which waistcoat is best for your occasion and what other males have to say about buying from a store or having it tailormade.