September 25, 2023


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Ep 111 Is It Time to Evolve your Art Style?


In today’s artwork podcast we request “Is time to evolve your art fashion?”

Ep111 is it time to evolve your art style

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It seemed acceptable to converse about this now for the reason that Sandra’s at a bit of a crossroads and we both equally usually attempt to share our very own ordeals as artists with you.


When may it be time to Evolve Your Art Fashion?

What are the convey to tale signals that you are completely ready to evolve, or even transform way entirely?

Effectively I consider the initially sign is when your perform feels much too uncomplicated and you no for a longer period really feel challenged by it.

Now I never know about you, but I like a little bit of a challenge and 1 of the problems I set myself a lengthy time in the past was to learn to paint. And I can do that. And I enjoy it. The challenge is, that when I arrive at a target, I experience I want to transfer the goal post so I’m constantly making some form of a progression. If you do not do that, then matters begin acquiring a little bit also quick. And when that happens, you lose that perception of achievement when you’ve designed something new.

And I guess that when you previously know what your concluded piece will glimpse like, before you even commence it, then there is no puzzle to it anymore, and that puzzle is fifty percent the fun,


  • When you overlook ‘learning’ – what we indicate by this is you have currently mastered what you have been performing to a very good diploma and really feel the need to study some thing new and make new discoveries.
  • When you have neglected what a joyful incident feels like – When you know exactly what you are undertaking you get much less problems and so you never get those people happy accidents. I just cannot tell you how much I adore a joyful incident. It has definitely led me to the function I create now.
  • When you uncover other people’s art much more fascinating than your individual – Your likes and dislikes may perhaps be altering around time. Probably the artwork you utilized to like is not the same as what you like now.
  • When you just come to feel ‘in a rut’ – At times you just require to make a modify due to the fact you are a little bit bored.


When I’ve obtained a painting on the go, I’m commonly itching to get to it.

That is an evident signal that I’m loving the system and I’m having fun with what I’m undertaking.

But if you discover yourself procrastinating concerning paintings, and deciding that cleaning the bathroom is extra important, that might be a signal that you have to have to adjust points up a minimal bit.

Now of program it may also be a signal that you are scared to are unsuccessful, in which scenario which is not a time to shake things up, which is a time to stick with what your carrying out until finally you’ve nailed it.


  • When you envy the way other artists strategy their possess get the job done – that could just simply because because you see the independence their model lets them to operate in. I utilised to look at Lewis Rossignol’s function and be really envious of how totally free he appeared to be in his art.
  • When you want to get lost in your painting and come to feel “in the zone” but your existing type feels much too methodical – When I utilized to paint the incredibly vibrant faces at initial it was difficult and intriguing, but I could never genuinely get rid of myself in them and be absolutely expressive. Shifting how I worked gave me the experience I preferred when building my artwork.


When you come to feel that you have grow to be also predictable, that is a further indication to check out a thing unique. And it doesn’t indicate you have to transform your model. It could just mean you want to check out a new subject matter or a new medium. Or possibly you just want to include an fascinating aspect to your paintings.

When you hold manufacturing the exact form of artwork due to the fact you truly feel you must, simply because which is what your collectors or followers are anticipating, then there is that risk of starting to be a bit predictable. And it is way far more vital that you follow your own route as an artist, than to do what absolutely everyone thinks you need to be carrying out. The worst point you could do is grow to be bored of your personal do the job, due to the fact it will show.


There are also fantastic factors NOT to alter your artwork style

Never evolve your design and style to be sure to some others – perhaps someone has reported to you that your artwork is really classic or on the other serious a little bit “out there” in a not very complementary way. Perhaps they have recommended you should change your artwork a little bit. Don’t do it until you concur with them. Artwork will usually be superior if you make the art you like.


You don’t want to ‘change’ your style… There is a difference between evolving and altering. This is clearly important if you are a selling artist and you are regarded for anything in particular.

I was searching at some do the job by Christian Hook the other working day in a Gallery, and I found that he’d started introducing random text to some of his latest function, which I hadn’t witnessed from him before…

There had been a number of other aspects that were different to his typical approach… But what was intelligent is that the ‘bones’ of the operate have been even now incredibly clearly his… He experienced just additional some exciting points to his paintings which gave them that component of shock.


You may not even need to have to evolve your art style, maybe you just need a brief adjust. To try anything new and see if it is a course you want to pursue.

Bear in mind that this does not necessarily mean you have to modify your style permanently. It could just mean that you experiment and appear back to what you are performing with new eyes. Or maybe you may possibly just integrate just one detail from your experiments.


Concept for evolving your artwork type

If you do experience that you are completely ready to evolve your art model try out altering slowly and gradually

If you go too radical, you may possibly uncover you sensation like a newbie once more and that could trigger you to drop your self esteem, and you seriously want to stay away from that..


Following on from over – change one particular thing at a time, ie really don’t abruptly change from watercolour landscapes to abstract oil paintings, except if of course it is a thing you normally needed to consider or you feel like a totally radical transform.


If your not sure exactly where to commence, set on your own a challenge to do one thing you have normally wanted to attempt but have been fearful to in situation you failed. Or uncover an present artwork problem to enable you uncover new factors, and of study course we have acquired masses of problems to pick out from on our website, so just take a look if you have not by now.


Acquire a class, perhaps 1 with various academics to get new inspiration. Bear in mind that it is constantly superior to get inspiration from a number of sources. You really do not want to duplicate a further artist’s design. Alternatively, you want to take factors from lots of distinctive locations


If you make a decision to make a change, then give on your own permission for it to go completely wrong!

It could possibly take a when to get your head around what your seeking to attain. So don’t assume your to start with couple of tries to be as well acquired as your usual operate. It will choose a bit of time.


  • Be ready to damage a painting, If you get the job done on a thing new and it commences remaining much too controlled, don’t be scared to spoil it by attempting one thing new on it.
  • Over all, be brave. For the reason that if you are at that crossroads, if you do not improve route now, when will you?

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