May 30, 2024


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What to do with animals in the course of a pandemic

Veronica, a “Cretzer,” a Chinese crested/schnauzer was rescued from a Puerto Rican beach and adopted by John Archer (of Pierce Archer), whose daughter, Kathryn, is pictured in this photo.
Caroline Cloninger’s 3-year-old golden retriever named Sadie loves to swim.
SealpPoint Siamese cat Ta-Ling (the darker cat) and blue point Siamese Jin-Jin sit on top of a fountain in the garden of Elizabeth Pavlakis, who is the gallery manager of Select Fine Art on Worth Avenue.
Dee Banker’s white Persian is adopted and is named Hibou beige, which means snow owl.
Coconut Row’s Dr. Mitchell Josephs has a Chipin (Chihuahua/miniature pinscher) named Casey, who was a rescue roaming free in Miami after a hurricane.
Councilwoman Julie Araskog’s 13-year-old Peek-a-chon Ellie is hiding with her “bunkmate” Mikey, whom Julie saved one day before he was to be euthanized.

When early stories about the virus first came out, the rapid dilemma of most pet owners was, “Can I catch COVID from my dog or cat?”

The solution, so considerably, has been no. But that doesn’t mean they can not capture it from you. The good thing is, there are so several regarded circumstances that it is one particular much less thing you have to fret about appropriate now. 

But listed here are some other COVID-linked questions that may well be worrying you.

How can you tell if your pet has COVID?

Their indications are normally moderate and related to humans — gastrointestinal and/or respiratory. There in fact is a check for COVID in pets, so if you suspect your pet or cat has COVID, connect with your vet.  

In the meantime, isolate them from any other animals within or outdoors of your property until eventually a vet or public overall health formal declares them COVID totally free.

What should really you do about your animals if you get COVID?

Make a strategy now in situation you get sick that aspects who will choose them, feed them, clean the litter box and/or wander them. If they are likely to remain residence with you, isolate them from other pets. Don’t cuddle them and kiss them, though most of us pet lovers are not going to stick to it.