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Watch A Heavy But Powerful BMW M5 Drag Race Three Lightweight Rallycross Cars

Yiannimize gets behind the wheel of the tuned BMW M5 that generates 1,000 hp.

Mat Watson and CarWow produce some of the best automotive videos on YouTube. He and his team show off some fantastic cars such as everyday drivers and horsepower monsters. This video on CarWow’s channel very much falls into the latter category. Mat is in the back of a 1,000-hp Evolve BMW M5 that’s driven by another popular YouTuber, Yiannimize, and it is being pitted against some of the most insane rallycross cars to ever grace our planet.

The Evolve BMW M5 Produces 1,000 Horsepower

This is the Evolve BMW M5 producing that incredible 1,000 hp, and it can complete the quarter-mile run in just 10 seconds thanks to its 4.4-liter V8, with two steps of tuning from Evolve on it to give all that power. So, what are its rivals in this drag race? The first one is a British Rallycross car, with 550 hp, and it is based on a Ford Fiesta that costs around £150,000 (about $205,110). Next to it is a Mini, a World Rallycross car that produces 600 hp with 1,000 Nm of torque that costs around £600,000 ($820,380). Finally, we have a Ford RS200, one of Mat’s favorite cars with 500 hp, costing around £400,000 ($546,920). So, we have over $1.3 million worth of cars here in this race.

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While the BMW has plenty of power for its £120,000 value, it is also the heaviest of the bunch. The rallycross cars are stripped back machines designed to save weight, and put that power down onto the ground almost instantly, despite being mostly run on gravel and dirt surfaces. And that rang true as the cars launched off the line, although surprisingly the RS200 was the slowest away, with the Ford and Mini being the quickest out of the blocks. And at the end of the run, the Mini just pipped them, while the BMW hauled the others in but just missing out overall.

Watch The Video To See How The Evolve BMW M5 Performed

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The RS200 was last, and it would appear that it didn’t enjoy being the last-place finisher. It sadly decided to blow a turbo on the run back for the second race, relegating it to the sidelines the second time around. Who took the honors in race two? With a slight jump start, the BMW just pegged the Mini at the end, but that jumpstart did not make the rally drivers happy so we can count that result as null and void! Then they lined up for a third and final race. Want to know the results? Check out the video for what happened at the end.

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