June 16, 2024


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Transportation Management Solutions That Will Leverage Your Business

How Transport Management System Helps Your Logistics Business Grow?

The entire focus of transport management solutions is to provide clients with a substantial return on investment by optimizing efficiency and reducing fleet operating costs.  

Technological advances have allowed freight management companies the transparent use of practical, fully integrated technology supported by the highest levels of customer service.

An effective and efficient transportation management solution provides quick and easy access to fleet information while controlling thousands of vehicles from cars and vans through to heavy commercial vehicles and trailers.

What is a Transportation Management System (TMS)?

A transport management system is a logistics platform that uses technology to help businesses plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods.  Its goal is to make sure that the shipment is compliant and that proper documentation is available.

It is also known as a transportation management solution or transportation management software, providing visibility into these processes:

  • Day-to-day transportation operations
  • Trade compliance information and documentation
  • Ensuring timely delivery of freight and goods

The system streamlines the shipping process and makes it easier for businesses to manage and optimize their transportation operations, whichever mode of transportation is used.

According to Jungleworks, the business value of a fully deployed transport management solution should achieve the following goals:

  1.  Reduction of costs through efficient routing, load optimization, carrier mix, and mode selection.
  2. Improving accountability together with visibility into the transport chain.
  3. Enough flexibility at hand for last-minute contingencies, to alter the delivery plans.
  4. The key supply chain execution requirements.

TMS aims to reduce transportation cost and increase delivery reliability through collaboration across all modes and providers using common TMS software modules such as:

  • Route planning and optimization
  • Load optimization
  • Execution
  • Freight audit and payment
  • Yard management
  • Advanced shipping
  • Order visibility
  • Carrier management

Common Features of a Transport Management Solution

A transport management system or solution helps companies move freight from its origin to its destination.  The process is done efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively.  

The range in size of freight managed by a TMS includes parcels and bulk commodities that are transported inbound or outbound, domestically or internationally, and using transportation assets owned either by the company or an outside service provider.

To achieve the goals of a TMS to drive value and save money by reducing freight spend, it should have the following features:

  • Managing Dispatch at One Place

Companies can use a Smart Dashboard to receive and dispatch order requests through TMS software with a Track Complete order fulfillment cycle.  It should also be able to take in-time actions like delete, cancel, and re-assign delivery with TMX logistics.

  • Auto Pickup and Delivery Dispatch

An effective TMS logistics allows getting pickups and deliveries auto-assigned to the nearest and free drivers once the order is received.  Drivers should instantly get a “delivery alert” on their app to accept new delivery tasks.

  • Complete Assignment Tracking

A delivery truck routing software can be used to ensure real-time driver and truck tracking.  The best TMS software will include these elements:

  • Manage delivery status
  • Driver’s activity timeline for zero delays in dispatch and deliveries.
  • Route Optimization for Drivers

Freight companies can use trucking logistics software that offers route optimization to pick the shortest and fastest routes.  This will significantly reduce costs and boost efficiency for logistics and transportation processes.

  • Proof of Delivery

With TMS software, the time and photo proof of delivery using the Driver’s App can be taken as soon as the order is delivered via the trucking dispatch app.  Proofs of delivery can be easily managed with trucking dispatch software installed by the business or company.

  • Performance Analytics

Transportation Management Solutions include top trucking software that provides important analytics such as:

  • Monitor dispatch
  • Deliveries
  • Tracking
  • Number of deliveries
  • Ratings and reviews of drivers
  • Canceled and delayed orders

These analytics allow you to take control of your business and improve on your services so that you can best provide the needs of your customers.

Streamline Your Business Operations With Transportation Management Solutions

The future of transportation management solutions is here and Sure Logix is leading the way.  You can rapidly grow your profits by optimizing operational efficiency and delivering a customer experience through TMS software.  

Take advantage of robust TMS software that will surely optimize the way you transport and provide you a profitable and legally compliant operation.  Take control of your business by being able to track processes and provide customized shipping solutions that save time and money.  You will then have nothing but satisfied and happy customers.