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The Marble Jar Reward System


The Marble Jar Reward Program

This write-up will demonstrate the Marble Jar Reward program as a strategy of extrinsic determination in your primary to elementary learners. Although you can use this reward program for each and every age team, by center to large school, pupils must be much more intrinsically enthusiastic and may well deem habits reinforcers these types of as a reward procedure as well juvenile.

The Marble Jar Reward Technique is a prevalent classroom management device to assistance strengthen sought after behaviors. This good reinforcement strategy is ordinarily utilized as a complete course reward method but can also be modified for specific students. The most frequent use of the Marble Jar Procedure is for the instructor to set up a glass jar in an effortlessly viewable spot, like the best of a shelf or her desk. Choose a jar sizing that is not also large or, if you pick out a substantial jar, add a drained procedure by drawing lines at different details alongside the jar to develop concentrations that college students can reach as they work to fill up the jar.

How to Use the Jar

Marble Jar Sample

Clarify to your college students that they will receive a marble every single time they display a desired conduct. Describe a distinct reward they get when the entire jar is loaded with marbles or when they arrive at 1 of the stages drawn on the jar. When a marble is extra to the jar, be explicit with your students: clarify why the class attained the marble, why it is vital, and praise the conduct you witnessed. Unique students can gain a marble and add it to the course jar, or the whole class can earn marbles added to the class jar. Young children specially love hearing the “clink” of the marble into the jar as the teacher rewards them for a favourable conduct, and this can be a different optimistic reinforcer of their behaviors. If you do not have marbles, you can use stones, coins, beans, or just about anything else that can fill a jar and make a nice audio as you fall them in.

Optimistic Behaviors

When implementing the Marble Jar Rewards Procedure into the classroom, you need to pre-program what behaviors you are wanting for, communicate this to learners, and continually remind them of the behaviors they ought to show.
You will will need to decide what behaviors you will be wanting for and how pupils can earn marbles. You might boost your behavior administration approach in your classroom, telling pupils that they can earn a marble every time you see one or much more pupils exhibiting suitable behavior. These behaviors can consist of steps like elevating their hand prior to talking, taking out their homework on entering the classroom, or maintaining their eyes forward all through immediate instruction. You can also choose behaviors you’d like to enhance as component of your social-psychological implementation strategies. These behaviors can consist of steps like reinforcing kindness, helpfulness, or respect. Whichever behaviors you choose to emphasis on, work with learners to make certain they fully grasp what they must be accomplishing and how their behaviors will lead to a marble in the jar.

Praising your College students

As a person college student meets an expectation, you could fall a marble into the jar. As you witness 2-3 college students exhibit a good conduct, you could possibly draw a marble into the jar for each and every scholar. Any time that you insert a marble to the jar, be certain to praise the specific pupils or the class as a complete for the behavior, make clear why it is important and excellent they are exhibiting the conduct, and remind them why they gained marbles. Concentration your feedback and work on highlighting and figuring out why the habits they are exhibiting is very good. This will assistance to slowly form learners into intrinsically determined folks, exactly where they also get their own benefits by experience fantastic about their choices.

Did a student or the class do anything truly amazing? Possibly they went above and past expectations or did one thing thoughtful and kind without the need of prompting. Look at earning a big statement by taking a huge range of marbles and filling the jar up, making a big deal about how happy and impressed you are that your students have gone above and past. This gesture of gratitude and adore towards your learners will fill them with pride, support establish intrinsic motivation, and hold them extra engaged in the long run.

Rewarding your Students

At the time college students have stuffed the jar to the desired stage, it is now time for the grand prize! You must reward your students with something that they come to feel is worthy of operating to.

Jar with levels

For illustration, you may well reward students for every single amount they achieve as they fill up the jar, which can be critical to retain your students determined and guarantee they continue to be interested in participating in this reward process. This reward will be a scaled-down reward, like a no cost homework pass, a bookmark, or five additional minutes of recess.

Build benefits for each individual amount on your jar so they can rejoice smaller successes on the way to their grand prize.

When students fill the full jar, design and style a grand reward! This may be a pizza bash, a popcorn and film working day, or even a free of charge quality they can implement to their class. You can even seek the advice of with your college students and have them layout their personal rewards!

Extensions and Modifications of the Marble Jar Reward Program

How could possibly you start to foster some intrinsic determination in just pupils as a result of this technique? You can contemplate inquiring learners to praise a single other- and have college students discover a excellent actions that a peer reveals. This action can aid strengthen kindness, respect, and positive interactions in peer teams in your classroom and can be a excellent way to hold the entire class accountable to every single other. Permitting learners to call out a peer for something wonderful and then add a marble to the jar could be a great method to improving behaviors across the classroom.

Combining your Marble Jar Reward System with a Habits Tracker to Get Residence

The Marble Jar Reward method isn’t a one of a kind process to reward learners. It’s very similar to sticker charts, checklists, or conduct trackers. The gain arrives from the visible and the audio of the Marble Jar Reward Procedure being utilized in the classroom. But how may possibly you simply connect the constructive behaviors you see day by day to your college students? Think about pairing your marble jar system with a behavior tracker that arrives home every single night. Or, to retain it much more fun, present every single pupil with a paper jar and marbles, exactly where you can reward them with stickers to include to their paper jar for just about every contribution. When their jar is filled, that unique scholar can also obtain a reward! You can obtain a paper jar reward tracker in the source section below for use in your classroom.

A take-residence reward tracker can be a fantastic way to have interaction your student’s households in a favourable conduct technique. In addition, showcasing only the great items a youngster is performing can assist to enable foster extra intrinsic inspiration as the student can experience satisfaction in undertaking a wonderful job and becoming acknowledged for it.


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