June 3, 2023


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Stunning Styles for Custom Made Armchair to help you Pull off the Look


An accent armchair a piece of furniture that adds personality to a room by providing additional seating. It’s called an accent chair because it’s strategically positioned in a room to compliment or add an accent.

That said, this kind of custom made armchair serves as a focal point or a comment while also giving the entire room a distinct look. It usually breaks up your room’s overall look to add variety and excitement, but it must also blend in with your interior design. In other words, it maintains harmony with the rest of the furniture.

A well-made custom made armchair often enables you to display your style and add new pops of color, pattern, form, and textures to your interior, as they are available in a wide variety of designs. You can head over to Yorkshire Fabric Shop for an overview of our customizable designs.

That said, here are the types of custom made armchair pieces you can style like a stunning addition to your home.



Custom-made armchair is the most basic and prominent seating we provide customization for. Their designs are traditional and straightforward, and they are intended to provide comfort.

They’re usually located in living rooms, and they can match the look of other seating in the room, or they can make a statement by choosing ones with a different pattern or color. They usually have two armrests to protect the arms and sides and are typically made of upholstered material.

Slipper chair

You may make a slipper chair by removing the arms from an armchair. Given their simple nature, they take up less room than an armchair and are easier to put between your central sofa or loveseat.

Slipper chairs are often used as additional seating next to a coffee table or in women’s bedrooms to aid in dressing. With their short legs, they bring your seat closer to the ground. Slipper chairs, including armchairs, are upholstered and come in various styles, colors, materials, and patterns to fit everyone’s tastes.

Wingback chair

This type of chair gives you the impression that you’re seated on a throne. Styles like these have been used in classic settings for centuries. Despite being casual, traditional wing chairs have a new and edgy look to fit in with relaxed settings with their signature wings and high back.

They are excellent for sealing off the torso. In the hallway, corners are often winged armchairs. It’s also suitable for an oversized couch or as a footstool. They are likely to stay in place due to their mass and bulkiness.

Club chair

A club chair is similar to a custom made armchair. There happens to be upholstered plush, with additional support and wide seats. As such, it is well-suited for reading or napping. They originated in clubs in 19th century England, hence its name.

Modern chairs typically have leather or nail head and paw-head trim. Chairs serve a similar purpose as a sofa or a cozy reading nook near a window.

Lounge chair

Lounge chairs, as the name indicates, are designed to be used for lounging. These chairs usually have a slanted back and a matching footrest, built-in or purchased separately.

In living rooms, apartments, or any low-traffic spaces where people can relax, it is usually positioned beside a window or facing a TV. Outdoor custom made armchair is available in various styles that is ideal for patios, including pool areas.


Reclining chair

Reclining chairs are a lazy boy’s best mate, and they never want you to get up. It appears to be a regular armchair before you pull the lever on the side, which lowers the back and lifts the footrest to make it looks like a lounge chair.

When the seater lies down his back, some recliners stretch automatically. It’s typically seen in front of a television in the living room, as this sort of seat is ideal for sitting, lying down, and snacking while watching a show.

Chaise lounge

A chaise lounge is a long, narrow reclining chair that allows you to spread your legs without an ottoman. Chaise lounges with cushions placements suit living rooms as well as bedrooms.

It’s also a great addition to a personal library where you can unwind while reading. There are also outdoor chaise lounges that are also commonly found on patios.

Occasional chair

An occasional chair, as the name indicates, is a chair that is only used on occasion. When you have visitors over, it’s generally an additional seating arrangement.

Custom made armchair for occasional use come in various sizes, types, and designs, but one thing they all have in particular is that they’re lightweight and portable. The majority of them are harmless, but they have a unique shape or style that makes them suitable for an accent chair.

Barrel chair

A barrel chair’s back is rounded, much like a barrel. The seating area in the center, like most seats, is straight. The barrel chair isn’t really shaped like a barrel; its name comes from its shape.

It’s a comfortable piece of furniture with arms and back that are about the same height. It can be upholstered or padded. It’s sometimes used as an accent chair in a living room alongside the main sofa or a bookshelf in a wide hallway.

Convertible chair

A club chair, a slipper chair, or a chair-sized futon that converts to a bed may all be used like this. With an accommodating expanding feature, custom made armchair convertibles have a foldable back and a sturdy metal frame.

After a long, tiring day, pull up the bottom part of the arms and lower the back amount to create a comfortable bed where you can lay down and rest. It’s also a fantastic must-have if you don’t have a guest room and occasionally host sleepovers for guests.


Choosing an accent chair requires creativity and strategy. As an accessory, custom-made armchair pieces and seatings complete the whole look and define your space’s personality. But of course, you need to be practical with its function, too.