April 22, 2024


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Romantic Ways to say ‘I Love You’ to your Special Someone

On Valentine’s Day, there are two types of people, one who plans to take their bae on a nice romantic date, and the other is the one who plans to say those three magical words ‘I love you finally’.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s important to remember that there are so many ways to show someone you love! Here are some adorable ways to say you love them! Some of them may take a little more effort than others, but all are fully qualified!

Surprise them with Their Favourite Treats

Sounds Cliche? This is definitely for those who have already achieved this milestone and are now trying their best to stick to their words for the rest of their lives. It is true that food is the way to people’s hearts. If you have cooking skills, why not make or bake them something they will like? It’s nothing huge, but just a simple gesture to show them that you were thinking about them.

Give them a Real Hug

Not those we give when we greet someone, or we give in a rush. You can give a nice warm hug because this is all we need sometimes. Be there for some time and express your emotions. It is amazing how many people lack loving physical contact and suffer loneliness. A hug speaks thousands of words.

Send Unexpected Gifts in the Middle of the Day

If you want to impress someone and show them how much you love them, you can send them unexpected gifts in the middle of the day when they are at work, or home. Make sure you can have evening plans together, but when you’re not with them, gifts can do the trick. For instance, valentine is just around the corner; you can say I love you with some romantic gifts for valentine.  Believe us, sending gifts on Valentine’s day is a clear message enough to convey whatever is going on in your mind.

Reasons why I Love You

Get colourful envelopes of different sizes. Get a pen and paper, write the reasons you love your partner and wrap beautifully. You can also get paper with a heart shape and use it to write the reasons you love her and keep them all over the house. This trick always works.

Arts and Crafts

Does it sound childish? Well, it has to do! We have arts and crafts as an alternative because when you try to go back to your childhood memories or do an activity together that does not involve technology, you are in a pure state. We all know that children are always honest because they have a pure heart due to which no one can express more open-hearted love than those little angels. So, if you really want to express all your feelings and say that I love you, then go to that area and say whatever you say! Also, you need some paper sheets and some coloured paint for this, and you’re good to go!

Netflix & Chill

If you and your partner like to watch the show, but don’t get the time to do it together, just make time for this Valentine’s Day and watch the clock while you’re in your PJ and enjoy popcorn! Besides, what could be a better way to say that I love you when you are in the most comfortable place and position? Words will come to you naturally, and even if they don’t, your eyes will say everything when you see them with the pure love you had been carrying in your heart for so long!

Say it Loud Out

Communication and gestures go much further in expressing emotions. And there is nothing more romantic and special about your partner telling you how much they love you. So, express your feelings in style by confessing your love to your partner through a cute valentine speech. Make a heartfelt speech and say it with pride. Add roses to the activity and remember all those good times, when you were hugging each other.

These are ideas to remind your special someone how much you love them. In this way, you and your partner will live happily ever after. Happy togetherness!