March 3, 2024


General Evolution

Pets are back: Biden’s 2 canine settle in at White Dwelling feline friend’s arrival pending | News

President Theodore Roosevelt had Skip, who is described by the White Home Historical Association as a “short-legged Black and Tan mongrel terrier brought residence from a Colorado bear hunt.” Warren G. Harding had Laddie Boy, who sat in on conferences and had his own Cupboard chair. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt experienced his beloved terrier Fala. At evening, Fala slept in a exclusive chair at the foot of the president’s bed.

Much more recently, George H.W. Bush’s English springer spaniel Millie was showcased on “The Simpsons” and starred in a bestseller, “Millie’s Guide: As dictated to Barbara Bush.” Hillary Clinton adopted Bush’s guide with a children’s ebook about relatives doggy Buddy and cat Socks: “Dear Socks, Pricey Buddy: Kids’ Letters to the 1st Animals.”

When he declared victory in the 2008 presidential race, Barack Obama instructed his daughters: “You have earned the new pup that is coming with us to the White Household.” Numerous months later on, Bo joined the relatives, a reward from Sen. Ted Kennedy. A few decades afterwards, fellow Portuguese drinking water puppy Sunny arrived.

Among the the stranger White Residence animals was Calvin Coolidge and first girl Grace Coolidge’s raccoon Rebecca. She was presented to the Coolidge family by a supporter who advised the raccoon be served for Thanksgiving dinner, in accordance to the White Home Historical Association. But in its place she received an embroidered collar with the title “White House Raccoon” and entertained children at the White Dwelling Easter Egg Roll.