June 25, 2024


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Love and Snuggles: How to Increase Intimacy in a Natural Way

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Intimacy is essential for all couples, whether they have been married for a long time or they just started dating. Intimacy needs to be nurtured daily. Early on in relationships, it is important to find way to nurture natural intimacy as it starts to occur. As the relationship grows and continues on over time, it is important to keep that sense of intimacy. One survey states 62% of couples wish they were more intimate. Intimacy can be increased both in and out of the bedroom. Here are a few tips that can help any couple to improve their sense of intimacy.

Sleep Together Naked
If your partner often falls asleep on the couch after watching television or playing video games, encourage them to make it to bed with you instead. Sleeping in dirty t-shirts and over-sized sweatpants can be comfortable, but it is not necessarily the best way to foster intimacy. Consider sleeping in your underwear or nude so that you and your partner can feel your skin against each other.

Go to Bed at the Same Time
You and your partner are more likely to get intimate if you end up laying down to go to bed around the same time as one another. You do not have to set a nightly bedtime but it is smart to pay attention to your partner’s sleep habits. Even if your partner is a night owl and you like to go to bed early, you can still find a good compromise.

Take the TV Out of the Bedroom
Your bedroom should be a peaceful, relaxing, and intimate getaway for you and your partner. It should be free of distractions and negative energy. If you are trying to increase intimacy in a natural way in your relationship, you may want to take the television out of your bedroom. Instead of watching television and movies in bed together at night, you might want to share quiet time, snuggle up and talk about your days, or have some sensual fun.

Plan More Date Nights
Intimacy can be increased both inside the home and outside the home. You do not have to stay cooped up indoors with your partner to grow your sense of intimacy. Date nights are an excellent way to bond with your partner and encourage intimacy. You might want to take your partner out for dinner, for a movie, or for drinks. Dress up for the date and set your phones aside as much as possible to avoid distraction. Mental intimacy and emotional intimacy can really blossom during beautiful date nights. By the time you get home from the date, you will probably be in the mood for some physical intimacy too.

Use Toys
Physical intimacy is just as important for couples as mental and emotional intimacy are. Sex toys are the perfect way to increase physical intimacy with your partner. Introducing new sensations and new experiences in the bedroom can be both fun and rewarding for couples. Using toys together can help establish and build intimacy, trust, and communication. Experiment with different toys together and always keep an open mind. You might be surprised which vibrator toys become favorites in your home.

If you are struggling to maintain the intimacy in your relationship or you feel like you are losing the intimacy in your relationship, you may want to try these tips. If you are with a new partner and looking to build up budding intimacy, these tips are great as well. All couples can benefit from increasing their sense of intimacy.