September 21, 2023


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How much does it cost to get married in the Phoenix?

Everyone who plans to get married is interested in the cost of wedding services. The best expenditure item of the money plan is the services of wedding photographer in Phoenix.

Specially for brides and grooms, Vanilla Brides contains profitable offers from professionals in the field of photo services. Pricing a wedding in Phoenix fully meets the quality of pictures. 

Photographer №1

Phoenix is a land of picturesque deserts and strange landscapes. Here a  liable photographer will always find the best angle. The cost of regular services – from $ 420.  

Photographer №2

An executant with extensive experience in wedding photography offers to capture the most precious moments of your engagement. Your photo album will consist of colorful pictures. The price is $ 700. 

Photographer №3

A wedding specialist in Phoenix offers newlyweds photos in different styles. There are many themes at your disposal. For example: 

  1. Colored socks. Photo is suitable for the groom and his friends. For pictures, socks with a variety of fun designs are usually used. 
  2. Photo with children. Your bride, dressed in a snow-white veil, would look good with beautiful children. 

The album’s price is $850.  

Photographer №4

An experienced photographer will offer a young couple a variety of styles and themes for an unforgettable photo session. For example: 

  1. Switching places. Ask your groom’s friends to take pictures with the bridesmaids. 
  2. Photo in nature. The photographer will help you to choose the best perspective on the background of the boundless desert, magnificent sunset, or any other natural setting. 

Want to film your wedding with a drone? The cost of this service will be $399. 

Photographer №5

Our best photographer is ready to capture your wedding ceremony in the most interesting way. The price of his services starts at $700 per session. At the customer’s disposal: 

  • the best places and angles for photos; 
  • excellently edited shots; 
  • professional advice. 

He will advise you on the appropriate style, angle and theme for your wedding photo shoot. 

Photographer №6

The photographer offers young couples: 

  • professional consultation;
  • up to 600 edited pictures; 
  • the ability to choose style options; 
  • live broadcast services. 

Your wedding album will cost $ 900. The price of a photo shoot is $ 650. Every additional hour is $ 500. Shooting with a drone is $ 450.   

Photographer №7

The cost per working day of the photographer is $ 2,599. At your service: 

  • up to six hundred ready-made photographs; 
  • meaningful consultation; 
  • the ability to edit the style; 
  • rights to print and publish photos; 
  • the ability to create an online album. 

In addition, you can always download your album in digital format. 

Photographer №8

The price of the photographer’s services is $ 2,000. The customer is offered: 

  • professional advice; 
  • up to 400 quality shots; 
  • the possibility of posting any photo on the Internet;
  • downloading in digital format. 

In addition, the pictures made will be compatible with the RAW format. 

Photographer №9

Services are offered at a rate of $ 1,499 per working day. Customers can receive up to 200 quality edited photos. You can create your own online gallery, as well as upload any digital photo. 

Photographer №10

Specialist package costs $ 2,699. Especially for the newlyweds: 

  • wedding video up to 50 minutes; 
  • short videos – up to 5 minutes; 
  • free video for Instagram; 
  • ability to manage styles; 
  • viewing materials online. 

All photos and videos are available in digital format. 

Photographer №11

The price starts at $1,299 per day. The package includes: 

  • your wedding film lasting up to 30 minutes; 
  • high-quality sound; 
  • short videos – up to 3 minutes each; 
  • viewing online. 

It’s possible to work with files in digital format. 

Photographer №12

Specialist services cost $1,499 per day. The package includes a wedding film up to 20 minutes or short videos up to 2 minutes. You can create a digital album of the best shots from your wedding and post it on social media.