May 30, 2024


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Electric Bikes Unveiled at EICMA That Make Your Head Turn!

The International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition (EICMA) 2022 is going on in Milan this week and there are a lot of new two-wheelers being unveiled there. Many a moto brands have come up with their new designs and plans in the exhibition and we’re about to see some of their feats below. Now, since the world is going all-electric in transport, we have a few new bikes that could fit our electric needs.


Ola S1 e-scooter

The India based e-scooter brand has showcased its electric scooter fleet at the EICMA 2022. Its latest design, the S1 is being planned to be exported to the international market in the coming years. The company is planning to capture the international market, starting from Nepal and then heading into the European market. The Ola S1 is available at a starting price of ₹90,994 in India. It comes with a 2.98 kWh battery that powers a 8.5KW motor. The motor is can produce about 58Nm torque. The S1 is also equipped with features such as pass light switch, digital tripper meter, engine kill switch, pillion footrest, pillion grab rail, and a pillion seat. The scooter’s dimensions stand at 1,160mm in Height, 1,859mm in Length, 1,359mm Wheelbase, and 712mm Width. The ground clearance of the vehicle is at 165mm and it can reach a top speed of 115 kmph.

CF Moto Papio Nova

Papio Nova is the first electric vehicle from the Chinese moto maker, CF Moto. The model has been designed to be compact and sleek. Beneath its sharp body, there is a 2.2kW battery and an electric motor that can produce up to 30hp. The company has claimed its range to be around 150KMs, in urban driving conditions. Considering the battery size and the motor power, it could well reach that range. The new Electric scooter is set to be sold from 2023 onwards.

CF Moto is also planning to launch a high-performance electric vehicle sub-brand called, Zeeho electric. Under this banner the company unveiled two new models, the AE8 and AE6 range of electric scooters. Both the scooters are capable of sprinting from 0-50 kmph in less than 2.5 seconds, and reach a top speed of 150kph. These models will also go on sale soon, says the company.


2023 Piaggio 1 electric scooter

Piaggio has unveiled the 2023 version of the 1 electric scooter at EICMA. The company says that the new model offers more performance than its previous version. Named the Piaggio 1 Active, it has a peak output of 3kW and it can reach a top speed of 60kmph. The range of the vehicle stands at 85Kms, which undoubtedly makes it a city cruiser bike. What makes the scooter special is the fact that the battery can be removed easily and charged at home or office. Other features include full LED lighting, digital colour instrumentation, and a boot large enough to fit a full-face helmet.

Honda EM1

Honda has unveiled its first all-electric two-wheeler at the ongoing EICMA. Named the EM1, the new electric scooter is said to sport a hub-mounted e-motor, 12-inch front & 10-inch rear wheels, a large luggage rack at the back, telescopic front forks, all around LED lighting, and a simple LCD instrument console. Much of the technical details of the vehicle are yet to be announced by Honda. But like the new Piaggio 1, the EM1 will get a removable battery pack too. It has been dubbed the “Honda Mobile Power Pack” by the company, and it provides a range of around 40 km on a single charge. The top speed of the scooter could be around 45Kmph, and it could be a good choice as a “fun unban cruiser” in the European market.


Apart from the above mentioned models, there were many other exciting unveils in the EICMA 2022. We will continue to update the latest news about the two wheelers that you should know about soon. Stay connected with us.