September 21, 2023


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Catastrophization | Seth’s Blog


Life’s a tragedy. It normally surprises us, and eventually, we all die.

But tragedies don’t have to lead to catastrophes. A catastrophe is a shared emergency that overwhelms our interactions and narratives.

These days, they’ve come to be a organization product and a hardly ever-ending component of our times. If we dwell in a earth driven by notice, catastrophization is a positive way to seize some. It is a dazzling purple button that leads to forward motion to freeze up.

If it helped, it wouldn’t be a challenge. If it served, we could use our methods to make a variance. But it’s not made to support, it is developed to change our focus and activate our feelings.

It could possibly be the catastrophe of world activities, or the political scrum or even an unsatisfied buyer on Yelp.

For too extended, people with ability and privilege simply overlooked items that mattered, and catastrophization is a realistic response–until it commences to undermine the operate we will need to do. It speedily gets to be a edition of Pressfield’s resistance, a way to prevent leaning into important jobs that may well not work–because it’s safer to concentration on a detail in excess of there than it is to work on a little something correct listed here.

And it’s exhausting. Disaster fatigue sets in, and we end up shedding fascination and drifting absent, until the subsequent crisis arrives.

Catastrophization finishes up distracting us from the long-phrase systemic work we signed up to do. It is a signal that we treatment about what’s taking place ideal now, but it also keeps us from concentrating on what’s heading to materialize soon.

The ideal way to care is to persist in bending the lifestyle and our methods to make improvements to things over time.


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