May 28, 2024


General Evolution



I cannot believe that Camden is presently 5 months previous! In which does the time go? He’s seriously just the sweetest minimal dude and Mike and I truly feel like the luckiest mother and father. He’s an total content material male, just satisfied to be with his spouse and children. He has the sweetest eyes and the ideal smile. He’s SO edible. I truly feel like 5 months is the start out of babyhood compared to toddler/blab existence, lol, and I’m 1000% on board for this. The moment the weather conditions starts off to get superior, and we’re not ill each individual other day, I’m enthusiastic to get out much more as a relatives of 4. Camden is at a good age the place he can go with the circulation and just be awake a lot much more. 

New at 5 Months

5 months is so significantly exciting. It is the start off of the pleasurable infant stage if you will. Cam is so substantially a lot more cellular and aware. He can keep his head up and is starting up to sit with some help. Baby boy is acquiring so conscious and it’s been so exciting observing him. He watches Lola and receives so excited when she walks previous him. He’s been reaching for and grabbing his toys. We started placing him in the Joovy walker, which he definitely likes. This has served him with his hand/eye coordination and reaching for toys. 

We have moved up to 100 moment wake windows. I attempted to force it to 120 minutes, so that we could lengthen the time amongst feeds, but he was in excess of-tired and not napping. 


Cam has absolutely struggled with naps the previous couple of months. It unquestionably felt like the 4 month slumber regression since at the 40 or 50 minute mark, he’s up crying, pretty much forgetting how to set himself again to sleep between sleep cycles. We generally give him some time to figure it out and most of the time, and thankfully 95% of the time he places himself back to rest.  Fortunately, we have a great basis, so he’s been able to perform as a result of this on his individual, but it by no means feels good when you have worked to get a terrific sleeper and naps are fantastic, and then they regress. He’ll nap for about 90 minutes. 

We are nonetheless in the Merlin swaddle, but we’ll be transitioning him out of it before long. We’ll go with a regular slumber sack. Cam is all about the fingers, so I know releasing them up will choose some time to get employed to. I’m expecting the transition will affect snooze, so it’s possible we’ll get employed the to the slumber sack at naps as opposed to heading cold turkey at bedtime. 


We are however exclusively nursing every single 3 or so hrs. I will begin pumping in the mornings to have Cam choose a bottle as soon as our nanny starts. Crossing my fingers that all goes well. I do believe we can extend the time concerning feedings, but with Cam’s latest struggles with the size of his naps and his awake time currently being 100 minutes, the 3 hour interval works finest for now. 

We are starting up solids, per the doc’s advice. With Harper we did mainly child led weaning, but this time around I’ll do a mixture of purees and little one led weaning. I’ll share much more in my following update. 

Awake Time

With 100 minutes of awake time it feels like there is really more than enough time to be awake with Cam, lol. It’s not like modifying diapers, feeding, a pair cuddles, and then back again down for a nap. We’ll have him do tummy time, engage in on the ground with his toys, he’ll hold out in his walker and participate in with his toys or watch Harper, we have been putting him in the BabyBjorn provider (entrance struggling with) and going for walks. We’re also diligent about examining guides prior to each individual nap. 


As mentioned in my last update, Cam goes down for mattress actually nicely.  Just after his last nap we’ll retain him up for about 2 hours. Alternatively of a catnap, we have prolonged his final awake time a bit. More on his new agenda beneath.  He’ll go straight to sleep and sleep via the evening right up until 6:30-7am. At about the 80 minute mark of being awake, I’ll commence his bedtime plan, which involves a feed prior to mattress. We’ll improve his diaper, get his pajamas on, put on his eczema lotions (we’re on a new regimen from the Skin doctor), then start off his feed. After he’s completed eating, we’ll do a couple of guides just so he has some time to digest his milk. I’ll flip the seem equipment on, place him in his swaddle and into the crib, and transform off the lights. 

Favorites at 5 Months

Joovy Spoon Walker – This is Harper’s previous walker. We beloved it with her and are loving it with Cam. It is a wonderful way to have him vertical devoid of 1 of us normally keeping him. He hangs in this generally throughout meal. Getting his toys propped on the tray has genuinely served his hand eye coordination.

Tunes Ball – The only loud toy we have and of course Cam enjoys it. We really place tape on the speaker considering that it’s so loud.

Action Ring – Now that he’s grabbing for items, this is fantastic. Really like the neutral colours way too.

Merlin Rest Suit – Transitioned Camden at 2.5 months to this snooze fit and it is been awesome. He fit the weight minimum amount even although he wasn’t 3 months, so keep that in brain. Fighting the standard swaddle and owning plenty of gasoline, it just produced feeling to get him into anything a lot less limiting. Soon transitioning him out of this into a typical swaddle.

Mesh Bumper – This designed the crib changeover seamless. It mimics his bassinet, so it labored completely.

Inexperienced Sprouts Bibs – These are our preferred for feedings. Big, absorbs spit-up nicely, and aesthetically pleasing.

Green Sprouts Burp Cloths – We still Really like these! Match on your shoulder properly, massive, very, and manage spit up so properly. We appreciate these. 

Wee Gallery Black and White Cards – Camden loves these! We use these a good deal in the course of his awake time. I’ll display him the playing cards in my lap or we’ll put them standing up for his tummy time.

Charlie Crane Rocker – This piece is SO gorgeous – far more of a rocker vs . a bouncer. We’re nevertheless making use of this rocker. Just to set Camden down to get some thing carried out or he’ll sit in listed here when Harper would like to participate in or examine him a e-book. Extremely suggest this or something related.


6:30-7am – Wakes, diaper, improvements clothing
6:50 am – Feed
7:10 am – Action
8:00 – Nap 1

9:40 am – Wake and Feed
10: am – Activity
11:20 am – Nap 2

1 pm – Wake and Feed
1:20 pm – Exercise
2:40 pm – Nap 3

4:20 pm – Wake and Feed
4:40 pm – Activity
6:20 pm – Feed and Bedtime

*this routine is on the early facet. Oftentimes Cam will wake up at 7am or 7:15am which will force bedtime nearer to 7pm.


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