June 18, 2024


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Bex Glendining | Communication Arts

Bex Glendining | Communication Arts

In the work of Ramsgate, United Kingdom–based illustrator Bex Glendining, dramatic shadows and theatrical compositions draw the eye around what almost feels like an illustrated still from a movie with realistic environments and figures posed naturally. “I’ve always been drawn to [creating] quiet moments, imagining a real lived-in place or space even if there are no people in the illustration,” Glendining explains. “I like drawing clutter and items, which mirrors my dislike for minimalism in interior design.” Initially a student of graphic design at Canterbury Christ Church University in Canterbury, United Kingdom, specializing in printed media, they began posting their illustrations on Tumblr and opened a small print shop before completing a master’s in research on racism, sexism and white feminism within British tattoo culture. “During the time I immersed myself in the world of tattoos, my love for illustration only grew,” Glendining says. “Toward the end of my education, I received my first industry job illustrating a cover for [Dungeons & Dragons campaign anthology] Rolled & Told, thanks to my fellow illustrator Steenz, which really solidified my move from graphic design to a career in illustration.” Glendining notes that their penchant for drawing tranquil scenes in realistic or fantasy scenarios brings viewers peace in a chaotic world. “Everything is so much all of the time,” they say. “It’s easy to become overwhelmed and spiral into a ball of negativity, so I use art to keep from falling towards that. A quiet slice-of-life scene, a moment of peacefulness and getting lost in the [outcome] … hopefully gives a tiny moment of comfort to anyone who comes across my art.”

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