April 22, 2024


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8 Brilliant Tips for Amazon Fba Newbies

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1. Choose the Right Product – remember that you’re selling something that your customers need to keep coming back for, so don’t go for one-time purchases. Look for products that are consumable and can be reordered by your customers over and over again.

2. Check the Competition – Amazon is a competitive marketplace, especially when it comes to FBA newbies who are struggling to make their mark on the platform. Make sure you check out how much your competition is selling their items for before you decide on the price of your product.

3. Get a UPC – if you plan on selling your product on Amazon, then you absolutely must get a UPC. This is crucial because it’s what tells Amazon what kind of product you’re listing and makes it easier for them to categorize your item in their search engine.

4. Take Great Photos – as we mentioned before, photos are crucial in FBA listings because they give potential buyers an idea of what they’re getting into before they decide whether or not to buy from you!

5. Write a Killer Description – the description of your product could make or break a sale, so make sure that it’s well written and informative about what exactly the customer should expect from their purchase!

6. Get a scanner (or use the app).

You can scan barcodes with your phone when you’re out sourcing products and then add them to your inventory later. The Amazon Seller App has a built in scanner which is handy, I personally use the ZBar Scanner App on my Android phone which works well too. You can also purchase an actual barcode scanner which connects to your phone via Bluetooth, these are more expensive though and aren’t really necessary.

7 Have an Excel spreadsheet ready for product ideas.

I have one master spreadsheet that I keep all my product ideas on for now, including details like title, ASIN, category and estimated sales per month. This is so that I don’t forget about great products when I’m out sourcing! I always have my phone with me when I’m out sourcing so it’s easy to quickly look up items on Amazon and check their stats (sales rank etc

 8  Ask your friends and family to help you find good deals on items they buy regularly. Items such as laundry detergent, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, etc. are great items to purchase in bulk because they have a long shelf life and you can get great deals on them. If you have an iPhone you can use the Amazon app to scan for a better price and check the reviews before purchasing any item.

Once you’ve chosen your products, the next step is to create listings for them on Amazon. This is fairly straightforward, but it does take some time and effort to get everything set up properly so that it shows up correctly in the search results when someone searches for similar items to yours (more on this later).

After you’ve created listings for your items, now we come to one of the most important parts of selling successfully: pricing strategy have a solid pricing strategy, calculate all the costs, amazon fba return policy, fees etc. to get to a solid pricing strategy.