May 28, 2024


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5 Best Old Age Homes in Kerala You Need To Know

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Our parents are our responsibility, and it is our solemn duty to take care of their every need as they took care of ours. So, luxury retirement homes are the best option for their comfort and convenience.

There are numerous old age homes in Kerala, but there are only a few luxury old age homes in Kerala that are built to cater to all the needs of our beloved parents. Our parents can live their retirement in great comfort here and enjoy their time in the best way possible. These old age homes take care of the health and well-being of our parents while making sure that they are entertained, happy, and satisfied with the amenities offered.

These old age homes also cater to the NRI’s, ensuring that every resident can enjoy their retirement to the fullest. 

Here are some of the best luxury old age homes in Kerala.

Five Reliable and Popular Luxury Old Age Homes in Kerala 

The Travancore Foundation

Travancore Foundation is one of the most popular and trustworthy old age homes in Kottayam, known for its high-class accommodation facilities and its comprehensive healthcare services. With numerous recreational amenities and senior-friendly accommodation, Travancore Foundation focuses predominantly on the well-being of each resident to make sure that everyone gets to live a beautiful life after their retirement. 

The Travancore Foundation offers Independent living services, Short -Term and Long-Term Care, and Respite care for everyone. At an advanced age, it is common to have several health problems, which is why the Travancore Foundation focuses primarily on the supreme healthcare of its residents.

With qualified doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, and nurses, this retirement home ensure that our parents get the best medical care. Along with this, it offers numerous recreational facilities to ensure that its residents can live the happiest and most well-rounded lives after their retirement. 

The Travancore Foundation has also established itself as one of the most well-known non-profit organizations with a chain of luxury old age homes in Kerala that feature smart technologies integrated into everyday tasks to enhance the standard of living. The philosophy is simple – to provide all forms of luxury to the residents and go against the traditional social norm of depriving them of their later years. 

Graceland Foundation 

If you want a high quality of living for your ageing parents, then there can be no better choice than the Graceland Foundation. This is one of the poshest old age homes in Kottayam, which is built like a resort, catering to every need of its residents while making sure that they stay healthy and happy.

With 80 fully furnished rooms, a theatre, and a library, the target of this old age home is to provide one-of-a-kind residence to people above the age of 65, where they can enjoy numerous amenities to keep themselves entertained and healthy. It also has qualified doctors on-call and impeccable nursing service to ensure that our parents receive the best healthcare there is. 

Tharavad Homes

Tharavad Homes is known for its world-class infrastructure, waterfront location, and numerous splendid amenities that can help our ageing parents live a wholesome life after their graceful retirement. This is one of the most reliable old age homes in Kochi, with a mission to provide safe, secure, and luxurious living facilities to our international communities.

It offers personal care assistants, drivers, dieticians, physicians, cleaning and massage services, along with exotic and rich dining experiences to all its residents. Equipped with a state-of-the-art business centre, games room, meeting centre, Yoga and meditation centre, massage parlours, a home theatre, and a library, The Tharavad Homes come prepared with every amenity needed to live a high-quality, dignified, and luxurious life after retirement.

It also places a significant focus on the health and the well-being of its residents by offering numerous healthy meal plans and loads of spaces for working out and staying fit. 

Matthews Home

Matthews Home is known as one of the best old age homes in Kochi with its high-quality accommodation services that cater to our parents’ psychological, physical, and spiritual needs.

With qualified doctors on call and flawless nursing service, it offers one of the best medical care amongst the popular old age homes in Kochi. It has a modern infrastructure with a touch of traditionalism. Both amalgamations make it one of the most revered old age homes in Kottayam and Kochi. 

Your parents can enjoy the numerous recreational amenities offered here, along with the various indoor and outdoor games, Ayurvedic massage treatments, meditation halls, geriatric gyms, and multi-cuisine dishes-to offer the best retirement experience for our parents. 

Ananta Living

With its nurturing environment and world-class amenities, Ananta Livings brings you one of the retirement experiences in all of Kerala. It offers independent living facilities to our parents with emergency medical assistance, round-the-clock nurses, and numerous qualified doctors on call to make sure the health of our ageing parents remains a top priority.

Ananta Living comes equipped with an infinity pool, Ayurvedic massage centres, a theatre room, a community dining space, a library, and a business centre for its residents regarding recreational services. Residents can also enjoy salon services on the premises, as they understand the value of building the confidence of its residents by allowing them to take care of their bodies and mind.

Our parents can indulge in these numerous amenities, learn a new art and engage in hearty community gatherings here that can make life after their retirement immensely enjoyable. 


When we live far away from our parents, it can be pretty hard to ensure that they live their best lives after retirement. These old age homes in Kerala are built to ensure that, which can offer us peace of mind and help us do our solemn duties towards our parents without any obstacle.