June 3, 2023


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4 Fitness Trends You’ve Got to Try in 2021

The best thing about the turn of a new year is that it’s the perfect time to start fresh. Especially after the ~gestures loosely~ chaos of 2020, we all deserve to take the time to prioritize our health and self-care come January 1. While I’ve got bath bombs on deck and a slew of new face masks at the ready, what I’m most excited about is trying some fun new things when it comes to my workout routine.

As a freelance fitness writer, certified personal trainer, and host of the wellness-focused podcast Hurdle, I’d like to think I’m up on the latest and greatest trends in the industry. And there is a slew of hot fitness crazes that are gaining steam that I think most fitness lovers tolerators would be into.

Here are four of the most fun fitness trends worth trying in 2021. Plus, all the gear that will keep you comfortable and looking cute while you sweat. (Because TBH, half the fun of working out is getting allllllll the athleisure.)

Roller Skate Like Your Fave Influencer

When you think of roller skating, you’re probably instantly transported back to your childhood, when hitting up the local rink on the weekend was *the* social event of the season. But influencers everywhere seem to be posting skating videos recently. They’re basically channeling their inner middle school selves—but elevated, wearing outfits that make you want to buy their entire ~lewk~ head to toe.

Sure, their skating vids look cool, but they’re also getting in a great workout. According to the Roller Skating Association International, the sport uses every single muscle in the body—not just the legs. Plus, since you’re rolling across the pavement rather than pounding it, the activity is low impact. (In other words, it’s easy on your joints.) Chic and a stellar sweat? Absolute no brainer.

Run Toward Carbs

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Not all of us have room for any sort of legit piece of cardio equipment inside our space. So, in 2020, tons of women got outside to run as a form of free therapy and a much-needed break from, you know, everything. According to Strava’s 2020 Year In Sport Report, runners in the U.S. logged 387 million miles in 2020, up from 248.3 million in 2019.

Getting out the door can sometimes feel tough, though. Which is why 2021 is all about understanding your motivation to stick with it. If training for races keeps you on your toes, consider signing up for a virtual fun run. (A lot of IRL races have been canceled.) Look for something with a LOL-worthy theme (like this 20202 Has Been a Real Grinch 5k), or if you need the extra motivation, some cool race swag.

Motivated by instant rewards? Jog to your favorite coffee shop (just make sure you bring a mask!) and snag a croissant or cookie as a post-workout snack. Because let’s be honest, all sweat is better when there are carbs at the end.


No need to be in the house bored. Instead, get to jumpin’. The rebounder—a small trampoline—has never been more popular. Not only does it take up very little space, but it also does a body good, helping to up bone density and increase balance. Extra perk: Aside from being a total blast, rebounding can also help to improve your body composition and up your lean muscle mass.

Bonus: Bring some extra spring to your bounce by cranking up a new, fun playlist or get to a whole other vibe by envisioning you’re bopping up at down at your favorite concert, circa 2019.

Stop, Drop, and Flow

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The right WFH outfit can definitely cater to dropping deskside for a midday yoga flow. Finding a little extra zen is vital right about now, and hitting savasana can help you reduce anxious thoughts, and other moves like extended triangle pose can help amp up flexibility, and help fight the jacked-up feeling from being hunched over your laptop for the umpteenth hour.

Find some joy in your practice by linking up with a friend on a video call to get your downward dog on, or by tuning in to one of these great yoga workout videos. Just no shade on your part if you can’t 100 percent mimic the effortless arm balances. Practice makes perfect!

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