May 24, 2024


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3 Reasons Stress is Affecting Your Sex Drive and What to Do About It

3 Reasons Stress Is Affecting Your Sex Drive And What To Do About It |  HuffPost Life

Sex is such a beautiful way to come together with your partner and truly connect. When the chemistry and the connection is there, sex can bring you together even more and ignite your passion for each other. The biggest mood killer is when stress gets in the way, and it can completely affect your entire sexual experience in bed if it stirs up enough inside of you. If you find yourself dealing with stress often, it can head downwards into your sex life and ruin your sex drive.

Stress Can Lower Your Libido
Chronic stress can cause too much of the hormone cortisol, which can cause you to have a lower libido. For women, stress can be causing the menstrual cycle to get out of whack, which usually doesn’t put you in the mood to do it.

A Busy Brain
Being stressed out means you have got a brain that is busy thinking and going through scenarios in your head. Your biggest sex organ naturally is your brain, and having a busy brain means not being able to be present on your arousal and orgasm. It just prevents you from being able to be there for your partner and give them what they need which is your full-on attention.

Depression and Anxiety
When you’re stressed, it may be possible that it can lead to depression and anxiety, which then leads to not being in the mood or wanting to have sex. The dread of doing it does pour into a poor performance in bed. For men, the stress leads to anxiety which can cause erectile dysfunction. Performance anxiety for men is a real struggle.

Here’s What You Can Do About It

Meditation can be a powerful solution for getting your body to remain calm and centered. Meditating relaxes the body, soothes the soul, and can open up your mind. Take about 10 minutes a day to center yourself and get back on track.

Keep Yourself Active and Exercise
Exercise naturally releases endorphins and can help with releasing negative energy in your body. Keep yourself moving by incorporating fun activities into your lifestyle. Things like Yoga, running, Pilates, swimming, basketball, or any sports can help get your body moving and help you relieve stress and be more open to sex. What’s even more powerful is to do these exercises together.

Enjoy Time Together Outside of Bed
Studies show that quality time and cuddling with your lover outside of having sex can lower down stress levels, so make it a goal to spend time together and reconnect without the idea of sex. This usually helps build a connection together and build upon that chemistry.

Focus on the Sensation of Intimacy
Oftentimes, it’s easy to dive in to the bedroom, jump in the sheets naked, and then go have sex. It’s easy to skip foreplay and go straight to getting it over with. Instead focus on making each other feel good. Focus on making your partner feel welcomed. Focus on sensation more than just getting to the climax. Consider using a vibrator or other sex toy to make the experience new and exciting. Building that foundation in your connection in bed will relieve you of stress to have to be 100 percent on the entire time

Stress is affecting your sex drive whether you notice it or not. The key is to strive for releasing the tension in your body, incorporating healthy lifestyle changes to reduce the stress, and reconnect with your partner in ways that bring you closer than just sex. Your stress levels are under your control as long as you have your stress taken care of. Just a few small changes can make a drastic difference to your sex life.