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1000 Best Free Classifieds Lists Of Online Ad Posting Sites 2022

1000 Best Free Classifieds Lists Of Online Ad Posting Sites 2022

Classifieds List of 1000’s Classified Websites to post free ads for USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Asia, and around the World

Listing of Classified Sites Lists for 2022: Get here links, details information about thousands of classified ad posting sites on the entire Internet.

Who can find this useful?

Anyone who wants to have something to sell, promote, and market online may use these classified sites and get the desired results for FREE! The portals are good for B2B marketing, business promotion, lead generation, branding, online exposure, and sales.


Post free International classifieds using these best classifieds list for 2022-23.


Below listed sites are collections of 1000s of best classifieds sites to post ads free online for 2022. The listing is very handy and useful for anyone interested in online promotion and free Internet marketing without purchasing any paid advertising means.


Online advertising sites mentioned here are thousands in number as there are 4-5 classifieds listings and each of them have 200-500 classified websites. We have manually tested that all classifieds links are working and the advertising websites listed here are of high quality and authority.


I would suggest you to visit this page for advertising your business services where it matters most, and that’s – local places in your area. Local ads generate more leads and sales compared to General ads. Find various effective methods of local online advertising here. List of 1000’s Classifieds Sites
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These sites are even used by professional advertisers and ad posters on the internet. We are publishing this listing from our own data bases which we use for our clients.

And, many of our business customers have responded positively about the effect of advertising on the below listed sites. I am sure,you will also get good results if you post classifieds ads for any place in the World using these classified websites. I know some websites are claiming to provide list of 10000 classifieds sites, but most of them are either not live or low quality.


These sites are mostly used in USA, India, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, China, Germany, Italy, Asia, Europe to post business ads and product advertisements!


Truth about 1000s or 10000 Classified Sites List

If you are reading this then this is pretty sure that you have come to the conclusion that there only 100s of classifieds sites that are worth your time and the rest are shear waste of time!

The so called lists of 1000, 3k-4k classified sites are myths. In fact, on the entire Internet there are only 50-100 sites that are classifieds in real sense, and the rest of them are just craps, dead links, come-and-go types of sites, which are just waste of time.

We have already spent a lot of time searching for genuine online advertising sites in the past few years and have come to the conclusion that there exist only 100-150 sites for posting ads online. Because the other sites claimed in the lists come in the following categories:

They are very new and after a short time they get closed down (most of them only exist for a year).

They are live but known to none. So, no benefit in posting ads there. Because, no one is going to see your ads, the sites are known to none. No traffic, no organic ranking, nothing like worthful.

Now, they are parked domains and not offering what they were meant for.

So, in my opinion, just avoid such sites, and refuse even searching for 1000s or 10000s classified sites on the Internet. But, if you still insist, then check my list below and get most of what you want from the classifieds mentioned in the compilation. 

If you want to know the truth about free website submission to 1000 search engines, check it here.


1000’s of Classified Sites List for any type of Free Online Ad Posting


Below are some separate lists of classifieds that count up to 1000+ sites! If you want a list of 10000 or 15000 classifieds then you may search on the Internet as many sellers are offering such lists. Such sellers keep updated database and they keep adding all new classified sites in their data base. For an example, here is a seller who is selling data base of classifieds and other such resources at LinkedIn:


Listings of 1000 free classified ads sites 660x300



Many of our clients already have used these classified sites to post their advertisements online. And, the results were very rewarding and worth the time.

You can Post free ads by your own or could hire a freelance to do the work for you if you don’t have that much time submit ads on thousands of classifieds OR use an auto ad submitter software to do the work for you.