February 3, 2023


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Benefits of soft silk sarees

What are the Massive Benefits of Wearing Silk Sarees

Sarees are the first go-to option for many formal events for women in India. Silk sarees are in trend nowadays. Due to many people participating in online shopping, one can easily buy the latest pure silk sarees within minutes.

Many women still wear saree on a daily basis as a sign to pay respects to the older generations. With such high demand in India, we have a wide range in every aspect of sarees, whether in design, style, colours, etc.

Different states also have their own ways of draping a saree. The most popular style of draping a saree nowadays is the Nivi saree drape, which originated from Andhra Pradesh. Another popular way of draping a saree is Bengali or Athpourey drape. 

Sarees come in a variety of materials like cotton, georgette, silk, chanderi, net, chiffon, etc. It depends on the occasion and your budget to decide which material would be suitable to purchase.  

A silk saree is a suitable choice for an event where you want to look your best. Here are some benefits of silk sarees.

1) Gives off a chic look

A silk saree has a different kind of look to it. You can look elegant while wearing the simplistic style. It is best when someone is going for a look that makes you look good while putting in minimal effort. 

There are many different styles and types of silk sarees to choose from; an organza saree is the best when you want to look simple but glamorous.

2) Long-lasting

A silk saree lasts for a long time. It does not require special care and is easily available for purchase. If you buy a good quality silk saree, it can last for years without any wear or tear and fading. You can pass it down or wear it for years, and it will still look as new as you bought it.

3) Light-weight

One of the best advantages of silk sarees is their weight. Many sarees that people wear on formal occasions can be pretty heavy and cause discomfort. 

Silk sarees are light-weighted and convenient to carry around. You can wear them for hours at a time without getting tired or uncomfortable. Along with elegance, silk sarees also give the advantage of feeling breezy and light. It doesn’t take a lot of time to wear or drape.

4) No Discomfort

Some fabrics or the weight of the saree can cause discomfort when we wear it for a long period, like at weddings or functions. Silk sarees are soft on the skin and do not cause such problems. 

It comes in beautiful designs and styles, which are light-weight and soft. You can buy soft silk sarees online from various online shopping sites and stores. Silk sarees are gaining people’s attention and praise for their nature to make one look fancy without putting in much work. 

It doesn’t cause problems like skin irritation or rashes that come from wearing a cheap-quality fabric.

5) Worth the price

A good-quality silk saree may come in a bit expensive for some, but its durability and long-lasting nature are solid factors to overlook the price. It lasts for years, and because of its light fabric, it is comfortable too.

It is suitable for any event, irrespective of the weather. Hence it gradually pays off the price.

6) Multiple options

Even in silk sarees, we have multiple types of silk sarees to choose from; some of the popular ones are- Kanjivaram, Banarasi silk saree, and paithani saree. There are also other designs of silk sarees like the Assam silk saree, bombkai silk saree, tussar silk saree, etc.

Kanjivaram silk saree- 

The women of Tamil Nadu wear these sarees on special occasions. It also comes in bridal wear. These sarees come from Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. They are also called Kanchipuram Sarees. 

People make these sarees from pure mulberry silk and zari. The border in the Kanchipuram sarees works as a telling part. Some of Kanchipuram’s saree designs are temple borders, check, and floral borders.

Paithani sarees-

These sarees are from Maharashtra. They originated from the town of Paithan, which gives them their name. The weavers make the saree from silk and zari. 

It has an oblique and square-like pattern on the border and a plain or kaleidoscope colour design on the inside. 

Banarasi silk saree-

Banarasi silk sarees came from Varanasi. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, and these sarees can be dated back to the Mughal rule. 

These sarees are one of the finest sarees that India produces. It has intricate patterns and designs. The weavers weave these sarees from zari and brocade. 

It can take months to stitch a Banarasi silk saree as it is made from the finest silk and has the most detailed embroidery. 

7) Adjustable to seasons 

Some sarees may not be suitable to wear in chilly winters, and we can’t wear some of the sarees in summer. Fortunately, with silk sarees, you do not face this problem. 

Silk sarees keep you warm during the winter and keep you breezy and comfortable in the summer. It minimizes the discomfort that one faces while wearing a saree and makes the experience of wearing a saree enjoyable.

8) Skin-friendly

Many times, we may face skin irritation from the saree we are wearing or other problems like a rash after we wear a saree. It is usually because of cheap or uncomfortable fabric. Silk is very light and soft on the skin. Hence it does not cause any rash or other allergic reaction. You can wear it for long periods of time without getting irritated or tired.

9) We can wear it on any occasion 

Silk sarees do the job of making you look glamorous very well. It is suitable for any kind of event we have to attend. The variety of options in styles and designs of silk sarees gives us the advantage of choosing silk sarees for many events.

We can wear it for a wedding, at a party, at a semi-formal event, etc. It will always make you look good and comfortable.